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This project host tools/utilities targeted to WinRT development
WinRT is the new Windows Runtime (Windows 8 or above required) that expose Operating System functionality in an object oriented fashion.

Current Utilities

  • WinRTDebug is a console application (see also command line examples)
    • List all the packages installed on the Windows 8 machine
    • Enable/Disable debugging the package activation
    • Suspend/Resume a package loaded in memory
    • Terminate all the processes that host the specified package
    • Change the SessionId for package-debugging purposes
    • New in 1.1: verbose error messages
    • New in 1.1: support aliases for package names ($index instead of full package name)


Please note that Visual Studio 11 Ultimate is required to re-compile the sample(s) as it installs also the latest Windows SDK (include files, libraries, …).
Visual Studio 11 can be installed over the Visual Studio Express edition that is pre-installed in the Windows 8 developer Preview with tools.


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